Zadie was 6 years 3 weeks old.

*Proud Parents Moment* Zadie got an awesome call from the Principal today and a certificate, letting her know that her teacher said she was doing a terrific job in school! Here is the message: “Zadie did a terrific job in writing this week! We have been working on “telling more”, and she added two details to her story. Zadie always has a positive attitude and tries her best. Keep up the great work, Zadie!”

Virtual school is not ideal but Zadie usually is excited to “go” and start her day. She has been wanting to “go to the building” really badly and cried last night about it. She woke up this morning a little sluggish (not her usual self), and decided to wear her Spirit Wear shirt (for the 1st time) all on her own! Needless to say, this positive phone call from the Principal couldn’t have come at a better time. She was smiling from ear to ear and was just so giddy about her certificate she earned!


(via @lilzadiebug )