Zadie was 5 years 7 months old.

This week was supposed to be Zadie’s first week in Kindergarten but the school year has been pushed back a few weeks and she will be doing virtual learning from home. It’s hard to believe that 5 years have flown by and Zadie is a big kid now! Kindergarten is a symbol of closing the chapter on toddler years and beginning the kid years. I am realizing that this transition is harder for the parents than for the kids. If this pandemic has taught me anything it’s that kids are very resilient and can adjust and adapt so quickly! We talk with Zadie about her transition from preschool to kindergarten and how “normally” things are but “because of the virus, this is how things are now” but in a way she doesn’t know any different so she’s not missing much.

Since I go back to work(from home) from maternity leave soon, I wanted to make sure Zadie’s “office” was set up and ready. I was able to pull a lot of her desk and supplies together with things from around the house, and thank goodness, because desks are sold out everywhere!

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