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Zadie was 2 years 3 months old.

Mom’s vs. Kiddos dying Easter eggs! Big thanks to the Dad’s who gave us a break and let us be crafty, catch up, and chat without the toddlers running around!

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Zadie was 2 years 1 month old.

Only the 2nd week into Daycare and they had a “Winter Gala” consisting of a little performance, a Hot Cocoa Bar & Olaf! Zadie is still adjusting to Daycare so she was too shy to perform but her Teachers said she did great in rehearsal! Lol! #ZadieAlyssa

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Zadie was 2 years 4 days old.

These 3 are so entertaining together! Kaleb and Conner run circles around Zadie (literally) but they have a good time playing together! Zadie even tried to give Conner a little smooch! Lol. #ZadieAlyssa

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