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Zadie’s in 1st grade and only a few weeks ago I got to enter her school for the first time. With schools being virtual last year, we didn’t get a “typical” start to Zadie’s elementary school experience. So needless to say, I have been so giddy and excited for every school event that involves parents!

🎒 Popsicles on the Playground: 1st grade meet-and-greet playdate.
🎒First Grade Open House: where I got to inside the building and meet her teacher, see her classroom, set up her desk, and get a tour of the school!
🎒 The Back-to-School Boogie: was an amazing party on the playground black top with food trucks, a DJ, and more!
🎒Back-to-school Night: where we met the whole 1st grade team of teachers, the principal and vice principal.
🎒1st PTA Meeting: which I am excited to be on some volunteer committees.
🎒Outdoor Lunch Assistant: I got to see Zadie and her classmates run and play at recess and I also got to meet her friends at her lunch table.
🎒Fitness Friday’s: a once a month program, that PTA sponsors, where during recess kids are guided in some fun activities and they receive bracelets and charms at the end. This month the kids did relay races and a dance party with Rudy the Roadrunner mascot!