1 Year 2 Months Old

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Easter 2016

Zadie was 1 year 2 months old.

We had a two-part event Easter Sunday this year.

First up, we went to Mrs. K’s Toll House for an easter egg hunt. Zadie had fun running around outside but she seemed to really like walking back and forth on the small footbridge more than hunting eggs.

After the easter egg hunt we traveled down to DC to see the cherry blossoms in peak bloom. Behind the Lincoln Memorial was a deserted group of blossoms that made for some great photos without the crowds. We eventually made our way towards the tidal basin and joined the rest of the herd of DC tourists. Zadie had fun pointing at the birds and helicopters flying overhead.

Before heading home we stopped at Burger Tap & Shake in Foggy Bottom to grab a quick bite to eat. Zadie was zonked out tired so we let her sleep in the car for a little bit before carrying her inside the house.